As senior consultant at The Galan Group, Eelke Heemskerk counsels boards and top management on strategic and organisational issues, and supports private and (semi) public organisations in reaching high levels of quality in governance.

Being a social scientist, Eelke is very much engaged with the social processes that determine the quality of organisations. Organisations are not so much an entity in themselves, but rather a collection of human beings. The ‘hardware’ of organisations is important; the ‘software’ is crucial.

Working on governance, Eelke successfully assists (supervisory)boards of corporations, hospitals and not-for-profit organisations with their self-evaluations. TheGovernance@Work programme for self-evaluations he developed is particularly geared towards an effective and tailor-made implementation of good governance practices with a keen eye for the software elements of governance.

Some recent projects include:

  • National Coordinator for Counterterrorism:
    Strategic orientation for combining Counterterrorism and National Security
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
    Design and implementation of one inspectorate for the domain of social affairs
  • The Dutch Safety Board
    Strategic orientation
  • Evaluation Board of Directors (Raad van Commissarissen / Raad van Toezicht) at numerous private and public organisations (particularly in healthcare).
    Recently among others: Univé-VGZ-IZA-Trias.; De Tjongerschans Hospital; RMPI/ De Grote Rivieren; Carinova; Zorgsaam, OGH-DRW . Woord en Daad
  • Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM)
    Advise on (re)design of governance structure
  • LEI Wageningen University
    Design and advice on strategic repositioning of research institute; organisational change and subsequent reorganisation
  • Statistics Netherlands
    Statistics 2020: designing scenario’s for the future of CBS Inventory of and strategic advice on future cooperation with Statistical Bureaus Nordic countries
  • Rabobank International
    Design and implementation of Global Human Resource Governance, including leading principles, bottom line rules and performance indictors for Management Development, Performance Measurement, Expatriates and HR information systems
  • Civil Aviation Security Inspectorate
    Redesigning and implementation of entire inspection process, including advanced risk analysis including integrity risks, strategic and operationalplanning cycles, prudent and transparent inspections on-site, stabilisation of professional and independent role of inspectorate and of inspectors

Professional Publications include:

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